You Have No New Messages

Pavel Kiselev’s audiovisual installation “New Message” is on view at MMOMA.

“Unimaginable sensations” (2015) by Pavel Kiselev

“New Message” is a series about how information – filtered and transformed in a space, whether physical or virtual – generates an infinite stream of new messages and images. Visual, audio, digital and text messages are collected, stored, and made available for one to work with and reimagine as artistic material. The exhibition objects are made of short pieces of information, sorted and combined into paintings and sculptures that tell a story of a person trying to live in the present.

The exhibition is divided into three, with the first room containing the animated video collage “News,” a story about the events taking place daily across the world. Each layer contains a video compilation of a country’s found television news footage. The artist scored the final video with an audio collage composed of conversations, city sounds and various noises.

The second room contains four abstract sculptures. These works are about human feelings, vices, imposed desires, consumptions and the communities we enter, whether online or on one’s actual street. The images that have been integrated into sculptures were taken mainly from advertisements, magazines, films – mass-produced images.

The third room contains two objects: the text abstraction “Witness,” made of newspapers collected from various countries; and the minimalist work “No New Messages.” The artworks present emptiness in front of the multiplicity, as if they are flowing one into another at the same time. Both works deal with a multifaceted and fragmented present and an abstract future.

“New Message,” Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) Gogolevsky 10. Till March 26.