World of Piper Spray in a New Mix

A soothing compilation from a modern composer.

Photo by Sergey Kostromin

Piper Spray is an enigmatic underground producer from Orenburg, a town in the Urals. His latest double album on GOST Zvuk records revealed the artist’s gems internationally. “Drugstore phones” is a collection of experimental and intimate boundary-pushing electronics, as mesmerizing and engaging as his latest mix.

This mix is a sublime compilation of tunes that reflect the producer’s unconventional nature. The tracks progress like a slow-burning flame that unleashes fire at the end, resulting in a balanced feeling of both anxiety and calm. Dreamy sadness wraps up moving jazz rolls, cold electronic beats, Japanese disco and modulations of mechanized melancholia. 

“There is not much to say about the mix. I just put together my recent findings and then added a couple of tracks from my own private chart, which in the end turned into a quite eclectic story,” says Piper Spray. For him, there is unending research into new soundscapes; to evolve and create a world of his own.