World Music in a Mix by Amateur Exorcist

A devoted melomane compiles music beyond time and geography.

Amateur Exorcist, also known as Baster Jazzster, comes from Severodvinsk, a port city on the shores of the White Sea, but currently lives in Moscow. Inspired by the horizonless waters that could be seen from his window, Amateur started collecting exotic oriental records and launched his DJ project with a set compiled strictly of afrofunk. This passion for world music resulted in a series of parties called SAFARI, which he brought from his hometown to Moscow together with Forgotten Disco Star.  

His two-hour mix presents a wide palette of bizarre and fascinating tropical moods, disco melters, captivating afro boogies, and breezy organic textures right from the heart of some island jungle. “I had some tracks I’d never used in my DJ sets at parties, so I decided to compile them to connect music beyond time, epochs and geography” he says. It seems like Amateur Exorcist takes you on a trip around the world, drifting on the waves of tribal chants and carefree Balearic tunes, welcoming listeners to his timeless reality.

In the near future Amateur plans to start a tape series of exotic journeys made by fellow DJs. And on March 10, you can catch him at the SAFARI party at Dewar’s Powerhouse with DJ Nomad from Africaine 808.