Walking on the Void

Format 1 showcases prints by Russian artists.

Artist Grigory Geka combines graffiti with computer graphics in the five-color silkscreen “Walking on the Void.” Inspired by the shapes and forms of mass housing estates and panel construction, Geka created a bold image that incorporates the graphic elements and techniques of primitive graffiti. This brightly colored print reflects the vast wastelands and deserted construction sites that can be found in many districts. Unfinished metro stations and buildings are often abandoned to nature or fenced off, their geometric footprint leaving unique patterns on the urban environment.

Moscow artist Grigory Geka, a member of the MDT and ZRS, is known primarily for his graffiti on trains as part of the MDT team. In addition to graffiti, he has worked with 3D graphic design and architecture.

Format 1 collaborates with Russian artists, often those with a background in graffiti, to create artwork suited to the gallery format. The project aims to familiarize a wider audience with the artists’ works and attract customers. Pricing and purchase information can be found on their website or via email at All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.