Vxlam Cassette Tape

Tolyatti’s Vxlam is a relentless continuator of the beatmaking tradition.

Oblast, a group of artists, producers and DJs out of the Samara Oblast with a focus on local stuff, has released a cassette by Vxlam, a beatmaker from Tolyatti. The self-titled album is a compilation of random beats and sketches true to the original mixtape format. Recorded before and during 2016, the tape features classic hip-hop rhythms spliced with offbeat melodies, pitched samples and filter sweeps. 

This all-instrumental record features a lo-fi approach to production and hazy tracks with titles that are self-explanatory. Vxlam’s music is a consistent exploration of the hip-hop tradition, uncompromising in form and groove. But as the looped beats acquire a hypnotic quality, his own style becomes more apparent, encouraging the listener to feel the music rather than approach it rationally.