Voyage Through the St. Petersburg Fog

Atariame releases an insightful album on the Constellation Tatsu label.

The artist Atariame has released her latest album on the Oakland, California-based label Constellation Tatsu. Atariame is the moniker of Natalia, an Izhevsk-born musician who left the Urals to settle in St. Petersburg. She recorded her album Fear is the World on the city outskirts, and her lyrics reflect the cold winter days and nights spent at home alone, with no reason to leave the house. Natalia says that she discovered a great deal about herself during this time.

Her crystalline sound is almost buried amid the grainy noise of guitar, synths and loops of spooky and languishing vocals that rip through the melodic layers. Fear is the World echoes Natalia's recollections of the place in which it was recorded: a colorless and remote part of north St. Petersburg with sweeping vistas of hazy emptiness.

While folk elements show through the guitar melodies in her tracks, the recurrent tones are more akin to avant-pop, but with cold and murky undertones. Her music provides a commentary on her environment and Natalia enjoys traveling, soaking up new cultures, and living in different place around the world.

Fear is the World is available on cassette or digital album via Constellation Tatsu's bandcamp page.