Utro at Berlin's Kantine am Berghain

Rostov-on-Don's post-punk influenced band will perform live at the iconic venue.

Photo by Alexey Trineev

The band “Utro” started as a Russian-language side-project of Motorama – a post-punk band from Rostov-on-Don – but eventually developed into a fully-fledged band with a sound and aesthetics of its own. Influenced by the gothic mood and pulsing rhythms of 1980s new-wave and minimalist punk bands, Utro brings Russian imagery into the genre. 

Working in the vein of the late Soviet bands like Zvuki Mu and Auktyon, Utro puts emphasis on the lyrics, often dark and somewhat symbolic. Employing a more lo-fi experimental approach Utro hasn't reached the same level of international recognition as Motorama, but their upcoming gig on February 17 at Berlin's Kantine am Berghain, located next to the cult club, could make a difference.