Uplifting Compilation by Antoha MC

Positive vibrations of the Moscow suburbs in a new mix.

Anton Kuznetsov, known as Antoha MC, is an original phenomenon of the contemporary Russian scene – a humane voice of the generation brought up in the Moscow suburbs. He plays the trumpet, rhymes, and composes unconventional tracks infused with uplifting, sincere energy. His piercing lyrics are full of a romanticized nostalgia for a free-spirited childhood spent in urban jungles, and patriotic tunes, inspired by reggae and jazz grooves. 

Antoha MC’s half-hour eclectic compilation is reminiscent of a school radio piece, starting with a short, personal introduction and then an uncompromising blend of thoughts and reflections through music. Ragga jungle, dubby beats, Soviet, and 1990s classics – all come together in a stream of consciousness that reflects the artist's roots and inspirations. It culminates with a jazzed-up edit of Antoha’s most touching and iconic anthem “Music,” which captured the hearts of listeners and introduced the musician to the world. 

Anton's motto and source of vitality is bringing kindness through authentic sound. “All the tracks in the mix are intended to lift the spirits and harmoniously pump along the rhythm of life,” says Antoha MC. “I don’t do mixes often, so making a thought-out musical narrative is an experiment for me.”