Unlock the St. Petersburg Underground

Roots United presents its new event series.

St. Petersburg-based musical community Roots United has planned a five-part series entitled OFF for 2017 – with each event differing in aesthetics, theme and line-up. The first event, code-named Unlock, will take place on February 23 within a machine production facility, which is currently occupied by the Artplay SPB design center. Roots United has already made a name for itself by organizing the Present Perfect Festival, which combined music and contemporary art.

By abandoning familiar venues and holding events at unusual locations, Roots United aims to rejuvenate bleak industrial venues with neon lights, unique art works and performances by both local and international musicians and DJs. Highlights of the Unlock program will be acts by Ron Morelli, the mastermind behind the renowned New York's label L.I.E.S.; Legowelt, a Dutch producer and synthesizer freak with a vast body of work which covers a myriad of electronic music genres; and Silent Servant, a Los Angeles producer and former member of the influential Sandwell District community, noted for its anonymous approach and neglect of celebrity-oriented DJ culture. 

Closing out the line-up will be Ukraine's Slava Lepsheev, Inga Mauer and Roots United's own Hoopa, among other local acts.

The OFF event series will continue on April 22 and June 11. Organizers say each act will present something new in terms of concept, artistic execution and musical attractions.