Turn Any Object Into a Musical Instrument

New device Playtron transforms touches into sounds.

Playtronica is a Russian community of artists that seek to bridge education, technology and play through interactive musical experiences. Workshops and masterclasses for kids and adults, live performances and participatory art installations are all part of a coordinated effort to animate everyday objects and “give a voice and soul to everything around.” 

Finally, one of the tools Playtronica participants use at their performances and educational events has become available to a wider audience. Now anyone can create music in the comfort of their home using vegetables, plants, their own bodies or any other objects that conduct electricity. All you have to do is plug Playtron into a computer via a USB, connect alligator clip wires to a favorite fruit and start playing it. The device will transform the touches into MIDI signals, making melodies exportable to any music software.

Pre-orders are now accepted via Playtronica’s website.