Transpolar Multimedia Festival

The Inversia Festival embraces the darkness, coldness and geographical isolation of Murmansk.

Photo by Alexander Alekseev

Inversia, the international digital and media art festival, will be held in Murmansk on February 2-4. For four days the city, located within the Arctic Circle, will become a venue for concerts, exhibitions, workshops and performances. The organizers encourage festival-goers to reassess the city’s geographical isolation and darkness, using the latter as a foil by which to better enjoy light. And long polar nights leave plenty of time for contemplating and enjoying festival events. 

The festival's musical program consists of multinational acts and embraces electronic experimentation, folk, krautrock and more. Hannes Norrvide, a member of the Danish synth trio Lust for Youth, along with Frederik Valentin will perform for the second time as their collaboration Kyo. K-X-P, a trio from Finland that balances krautrock with experimental electronic music and is renowned for its extreme live performances, will present a special audiovisual program. Danny Venzin, the lead singer of the Australian 1980s-influenced rock band Nite Fields, will debut his solo effort at the festival. Moscow-based Lovozero, which specializes in haunting soundscapes that combine folk motives, synthesized sounds and field recordings, is going to present new material live. Media artist and engineer Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov will present two installations. The festival will be opened by Ivan Zoloto of Love Cult and the record label Full of Nothing, in collaboration with the Teriberka Pomor Choir.

Critical Writing Academy, a platform for authors, journalists and bloggers, welcomes festival goer involvement and will be held alongside musical and visual performances. By creating a series of texts, photos and videos, participants will study the philosophy of the festival.

For further information, consult the festival's official Facebook page, which is available in English.