“The Drums of the Fore and Aft” by Vlad Dobrovolski

A modern take on new age by a Russian synthesist.

Released by Kotä Records, a Moscow-based record label, Vlad Dobrovolski’s LP is the first he has presented under his own name. Vlad, a sound artist and musician with a background in improvisational music, has recorded a naturalistic ambient piece that combines synthesized sounds, mellow modulation, field recordings and slow-paced rhythms. Through subtle work with tape loops and modular synthesis, Vlad creates eerie organic soundscapes.

Each track on “The Drums of the Fore and Aft” is said to refer to a certain place and contain sounds that reflect the environment and its specific mood. “My sound is a shell for my experience, which I’m trying to communicate to the listener,” says Vlad. “At the core of my work is my message on universal language like music – about my journeys and visiting places at the various parts of the World.” Subtitled “A Musical Marine Journey,” the record befits solitary contemplation as it was inspired by the absence of people at sea.