The Coding Circle

Short film about a group of programmers who travelled to a Russian village and taught local schoolchildren to design their own website.

Glazok is a village nestled within the Tambov Region with a population of just under 1500. There are no large grocery stores or stable connections there, and the nearest large city is 25 km away – only two buses a day travel between the village and city. 

With the help of the educational project Kruzhok (educational circle), the students of Glazok’s only school designed a website devoted to their hometown. Over the course of one week, the teenagers were exposed to free lessons where they learned HTML and CSS, and then used their newly acquired knowledge to create their website. 

Visitors of the site can learn about the village’s inhabitants, its history, its symbolic locations and its inventions. A separate page functions as a guide for first-time visitors. 

The accompanying film is more than just a story about the website’s creation. It’s a sincere portrait of life in the authentic Russian province, painted by the vivid imagination of its children inhabitants. 

Kruzhok is a cross-national Russian educational project for children and students. Founded on May 10 2017, Kruzhok aims to provide access for current and relevant knowledge to Russia’s rural population. Likewise, Kruzhok hopes to establish new technological communities across Russia and the post-Soviet space. Similar to the project “Glazok” that were created with the help of the team, are the websites for the the village Sardayal and the city Novorossiysk