Take a Historically Rich Trip Through Kaliningrad

INRUSSIA presents its publishing debut, a Kaliningrad guidebook.

Photo by Mark Boyarsky

Inspired by the westernmost Russian city, the exclave of Kaliningrad, this book is our first publishing project. With an emphasis on imagery, it is both guidebook and travel zine. Rather than overwhelming readers with disjointed facts, the publication, written by Vasiliy Kolesnik, aims to guide visitors through Kaliningrad in a more friendly fashion, with a specific route in mind.

Exploring such landmarks as Hotel Moskva, the Kaliningrad Scientific Library, House of Soviets, and sport facilities like Baltika Stadium, the book shines a light on the unique historical convergence of German and Soviet architecture. Each article is accompanied by enigmatic, black-and-white photography by Kirill Gluschenko.

The guide was presented at designer Gosha Rubchinskiy's A/W 17 show in Kaliningrad's Regional Center of Youth Culture, which currently occupies the building of the Königsberg Stock Exchange.

Stay tuned for distribution details.