Moscow festival showcases the Russian and international electronic music industry.

Annual festivals or trade exhibitions dedicated to the music industry and production, such as California’s NAMM Show or Germany’s Musikmesse, attract thousands of musicians, developers and interested visitors. Akin to Berlin’s Superbooth, Moscow’s Synthposium focuses on electronic music and instruments: synthesizers, audio modules of various formats, drum machine, effect processors, and more.

Situated at the junction of music and technology, Synthposium 2017 is a four-day festival of exhibitions, an educational program, Q&As and an extensive music program with live performances and DJ sets. This year’s event includes over 150 Russian and international artists.

Synthposium will premiere the long-awaited adaptation of the legendary Yamaha CS-80: Deckard’s Dream, developed by Roman Filippov, who is also responsible for the Sputnik Modular series of eurorack modules. Used extensively by the Greek electronic composer Vangelis, CS-80 gained recognition from the iconic Blade Runner soundtrack. Deckard’s Dream will include most of the original synth’s features, as well as some new developments. Sputnik Modular will also be featured at the exhibition.

There will be live performances from both local and international artists. The musician, actor and synthesist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, previously known as Lichens, will perform a set showcasing his meditative and organic sound. Another notable performer is the Moscow-based musician and engineer Alex Pleninger. Currently a member of the Keen Association, Alex is engaged in producing original modules for the Buchla format. His rare performances include unique instruments or modules of his own design.

Synthposium, Moscow. August 24-27.