Symphonies Premiere in Perm

Sergei Nevsky’s “Cloud Ground” premieres in Russia on February 18.

Photo by Pavel Kurdakov via MusicAeterna

MusicAeterna, the orchestra and chorus of the Perm Opera and Ballet, will premiere works by the contemporary composers Sergei Nevsky and Luciano Berio on February 18. Conductor Teodor Currentzis and Chorus Master Vitaly Polonsky will present a three-part program: “Motets” by Johann Sebastian Bach; “Cloud Ground” for violin and orchestra by Sergei Nevsky, with violin soloist Elena Revich; and “Coro” for 40 voices and 40 instruments by Luciano Berio. It will be the Russian premiere for both “Cloud Ground” and “Coro.”

The “Cloud Ground” violin concerto was originally written for and performed by Revich and the Stuttgart Radio Orchestra, an undertaking that the Russian composer considered “an absolute joy, but I was terribly afraid of the orchestra and I was scared to work with Revich.”

Russian composer Sergei Nevsky graduated from the theory class at the Moscow Conservatory before studying composition at Dresden’s Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber and the University of Arts in Berlin. Since 1994, his music has been performed at major international festivals in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Basel, Barcelona, ​​Bergen, Donaueschingen and Moscow.

Nevsky now splits his time between Berlin and Moscow, working within two very different professional frameworks. While “contemporary music in Russia is surrounded by a certain aura of insecurity,” he says, Germany has provided him with security through a steady stream of customers, publishers and agents. “I like being a cog within this huge machine – albeit a rather marginal, but still part of a common process. Being a cog doesn’t mean I don’t ask questions: ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Where do I go next?’ But it eliminates hassle.”

Founded in 2004 by Currentzis, musicAeterna is one of the most popular Russian orchestras for period performances and 20th-century compositions.