Sounds of Smolensk in a New Mixtape from Gamayun

Best local production presented by the prolific duo.

Gamayun's sound is unique in its combination of analogue electronic music with traditional Russian folkloric melodies and moods. Stanislav Mitrofanov and Anton Dvoyenko, the duo behind Gamayun, have been core artists at the label Udacha. For this mix they have compiled Smolensk's best production.

“All the featured tracks are from our music community in Smolensk. The city was founded 1,154 years ago. So, of course, there is a powerful energy – the only problem is how to channel it. Smolensk is divided by the Dnieper River, the same river that flows in Kiev, where the christianization of Kievan Rus took place. There is definitely something here,” says Anton. The lack of an electronic scene in their hometown hasn't slowed down the duo as they persevere in their unique, all-live instruments approach. Their recent 12-inch on the label Udacha is already available on Juno, and another release for Hesperian Sound Division is in the works.