Solo Operator to Perform at Electro-Mechanica

Catch an experimental multi-instrumentalist set at St. Petersburg festival.

Photo by Svetlana Selezneva

Multi-instrumentalist Alexander Serechenko, known by the moniker Solo Operator, is from Zelenograd, a scientific enclave whose inhabitants have contributed greatly to advances in technology and science. Quite rightly, Serechenko dips his toes into media art projects aimed at transforming the passive listener into an engaged participant. Nevertheless, he remains focused on his music career, taking inspiration from free-jazz, digital arts, and punk sound aesthetics. Using his saxophone as the main sound source, he experiments with generative algorithms and builds intriguing glitch-jazz and drone cascades via live sampling, eternal repetition, and distortion.

Alexander is at the core of kotä records, a Moscow-based label and community of avant-garde and experimental activists, with RanDrone and Live at Mars Center releases under his belt.

Solo Operator will perform at Electro-Mechanica – the annual international festival of electronic music and audiovisual arts, curated by the Kuryokhin Center – alongside Lakker, Peder Mannerfelt, Damien Dubrovnik, Broken English Club, Suokas and others.

Electro-Mechanica. A2 club, St. Petersburg. Dec. 17.