Skullflower and Phurpa’s Ceremony

Cult British band meets Moscow underground veteran.

Skullflower, the iconic British collective associated with industrial and noise scenes, will perform live in Moscow's Shagi space on March 12. Formed in the mid-1980s by Matthew Bower, Skullflower developed a cult following due to the relentless experimentation and frequent collaborations with prominent artists of the British underground. Using an improvisational approach and traditional rock instruments, the band's extensive body of work is a psychedelic kaleidoscope of noisy music – from ritual drones to black metal.

The band will be accompanied by Moscow underground legend Alexei Tegin and his project Phurpa. Inspired by the Tibetan Bön religion and throat singing tradition, Phurpa's live shows are unique rituals of droning sounds and esoteric imagery. 

Completed by Black Sun Roof! – another gritty endeavor of Matthew Bower – the gig is the weekend's ultimate destination for occult earnings, industrial rites and noise shamanism.