Skateboarding Is Not a Dream

INRUSSIA documents the PACCBET team’s trip to California.

California’s urban landscape is a natural environment for skateboarding, as witnessed by youngsters from all over in countless skateboarding videos. Still holding onto its title of a place of freedom and inspiration, California became the destination for the PACCBET team’s pilgrimage.

PACCBET, a community of skaters, artists and other young creative talents from Russia meets their American peers Dolan Stearns and Julian Klincewicz to hang out and skate. PACCBET translates as “dawn” from Russian and symbolizes the rise of a new scene, new talent and new perspective, not defined by borders. Shot by members of the skateboarding community, the film features Tolia Titaev, Gleb Bukhgolts and Nikita Dedov skating through recognizable venues of SoCal. Their trip heralds a world where dreams become reality through communication and creativity.