Sincere Music in a New Mix by Foresteppe

Egor Klochikhin presents a collage of organic melodies from the forest lands.

Egor Klochikhin, the man behind Foresteppe, lives in Berdsk – a small town in the suburbs of Novosibirsk. He takes his inspiration from his hometown’s Siberian nature and creates authentic folktronic music, both kind and sincere. The main parts of these natural and subtle sound collages are curious acoustic instruments like the pennywhistle, toy piano, music box, reed pipe, tape music, and field recordings. “I would like to think that by listening to my music one could find a bit more time for thoughtful reflection, put this hectic chase for god-knows-what on pause and meditate on the most important thing in life,” says the musician.

Egor recorded the sentimental mix of ethereal and non-electronic sounds with more than 30 artists, brought together by a special mood he wanted to share. The mix features many Russian musicians from the Shalash community of which Egor has been an active member for the last year, along with his favorite tracks of 2016. One of his techniques is to combine different layers of sound and this mix is no exception – sometimes you can hear five tracks playing at once. “For me that’s the most interesting part – to create one piece of music out of many and highlight the uniqueness of each track by putting them together in a special way," says Egor. “Giving an opportunity to see organic coexistence of each track on the one hand, and unity on the other, is the main idea of the mixtape.”

Egor also runs the Shalash community which releases enchanting folk and ambient music strictly on cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes the musician inherited from his father and uncle. As he will run out of tapes soon and Shalash, in its essence, is a temporary construction, Egor plans to move on to something different. Look out for Foresteppe’s “Second and a Half Album” as well as some studio session recordings in spring.

The latest Shalash compilation will be presented at MARS Center in Moscow with live performances from Foresteppe and Bisamråtta on Dec. 24.