Sergei Borisov's Quest for Beauty and Creativity

Photographer's solo show “Girls, girls, girls!” opens at RuArts Gallery.

In front of Moscow State University, 2005

Sergei Borisov – best known for his pictures of late Soviet mainstream and underground celebrities – has been taken with female beauty from the start of his career. The gentle and artistic eroticism of his pictures was refreshing in the era of prude Soviet morals and during the libertine 1990s. 

While part of the legendary Graphics Moscow City Committee, a creative hub and the cradle of Soviet unofficial art, Borisov found his female protagonists among non-conformist artists as well as pop singers and musicians of the late 1970s. During the perestroika years his focus shifted and Borisov became one of the most sought-after Soviet photographers, commissioned by European magazines to document informal Soviet fashion

Whatever their origins, Borisov refers to his characters simply as “girls.” Based at his own Studio 50A since 1979, he has been paying photographic homage to their beauty and creativity for almost four decades. His latest solo show, aptly named “Girls, girls, girls!”, will open at RuArts Gallery on March 2 as a part of the X Moscow International Biennale “Fashion and Style in Photography 2017.”