Seasickness in Paris

Visit a collaborative exhibition of three Russian artists: Apollinaria Broche, Victoria Kosheleva and Alice Nikolaeva.

“HOW TO BE A MERMAID TEENAGER” (2016) by Apollinaria Broche.

The multidisciplinary exhibition “Seasickness” features graphic and fine art by Victoria Kosheleva, sculptures by Apollinaria Broche, and installations by Alisa Nikolaeva. United in their attempts to submerge visitors in the eerie feeling of fairy tales, they describe their work as mystical expressionism. Influenced by themes of Russian mythology and interpretations of water rites, their work is aimed at distancing the audience from reality and encouraging the formation of opinion based on personal experience.

The exhibition will be held at Galerie Frangulyan in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, three minutes from the Centre Georges Pompidou – till January 26. Don’t miss the opportunity to view about 20 works of different materials and scale.