Russian Edition of Robert Wilson Monograph is out

Expert analysis of the director behind “Einstein on the Beach”.

Photo via Akg/East News

The prominent theater director and set designer Robert Wilson has been the subject of careful study by Maria Shevtsova, Professor of Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her monograph is a comprehensive study of Wilson's major theater productions and his creative method as director, performer, installation artist, and architect. Wilson’s special theatrical style incorporates drama, contemporary art, cinema, mime, circus themes, and contemporary dance.

Several chapters focus on “Einstein on the Beach” (1976), which marked the turning point in his career. This is the first time Shevtsova’s monograph has been published in Russian, and the edition includes an extra chapter, which analyzes a 2015 performance of “Pushkin's Fairytales” – Wilson’s Moscow premiere.