Russian Cosmism at a Glance, Courtesy of Anton Vidokle

Film trilogy and a lecture at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.

Still from “This Is Cosmos!” (2014) by Anton Vidokle. Photo via Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

An artist, filmmaker, and co-founder of curatorial platform and archive e-flux, Anton Vidokle is presenting a trilogy of films that explore the ideas of the Russian philosophical movement Cosmism – a unique phenomenon that came to life in the mid-19th century and combined religious, philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic theories.  

“This is Cosmos” focuses on the writings of philosopher Nikolai Fyodorov, who was the originator of the movement and believed in our responsibility as a species to
use science,technology, and all productive societal forces to achieve immortality.

“The Communist Revolution Was Caused by the Sun” looks at the poetic solar cosmology of Soviet biophysicist, Alexander Chizhevsky. The last film in the trilogy – “Immortality and Resurrection for All!” – analyzes the technology of museum and archive collecting, recovery and storage from the point of view of a material restoration of life, as Fyodorov described it in an essay in 1880.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the artist.

Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow. Dec. 9.