Rodina Mixtape by Mujuice

An eclectic compilation of the producer’s favorite Russian music.

Mujuice is a moniker of Roma Litvinov, a Moscow-based electronic producer of innovative and futuristic music that fuses all kinds of styles, from acoustic jazz to microsampling and glitch techno. Although he never studied music formally, he started experimenting with electronics as a teenager. Roma released his first LP Superqueer in 2004, followed by the full-length album Cool Cool Death and several EPs. His latest album Amore & Morte is a collection of electronic pop ballads in which he unveils his experiments with text and vocals.

Thanks to his education in graphic design, he views music as a complex construction – a unique approach that can be heard in all his tracks. The mixtape Mujuice recorded is a reflection of this approach: an uncompromising and eclectic compilation of Russian tracks covering all possible styles and genres. It’s a bold blend of classic rock with jazzy house, followed by 1990s hip-hop rapping and pumpy acid – all inspired by the versatile music heritage of his “Rodina” (Motherland). “The mix is made up of Russian music within the 40-year range, from the 1970s up to nowadays: from Schnittke chorals and late Soviet electronics through industrial and post-punk to avant-garde progressive rock and acid techno of the 2010s. So, as you see, it’s just a spontaneous compilation of my favorite tracks which happen to be in one room.” 

The featured photo series by Julia Mayorova captures Roma in the urban tropics of Los Angeles, where he performed at the 2016 Far From Moscow festival.