The Renaissance Reimagined by Silk Screen

Format 1 showcases prints by Russian artists.

Entitled “Lady with a Hawk,” this six-color, 20-edition serigraph by Moscow artist Dmitri Aske is immediately recognizable as an homage to the iconic oil painting “Lady with an Ermine” (1489-90) by Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

Dmitri Aske gained prominence within the Russian graffiti community in the mid-2000s before transitioning into graphic design, typography, illustrations and graphics. Since 2011 he has been working with multilayer plywood, creating a signature style while moving into monumental graphics. As the founder of Vltramarine, an online journal of graffiti, street art and culture, his graffiti background remains a constant artistic influence. "Everything I'm doing now, it come to me because of graffiti,” says Dmitri. 

Format 1 works with Russian artists, often with a background in graffiti, to create artwork suited to the art gallery format. The project aims to familiarize a wider audience with the artists’ works and attract customers. Pricing and purchase information can be found on their Facebook page.