Reflection in the Water

Illustrator Evgenia Barinova meditates on her swimming routine with a new print.

Swimming is not only a competitive sport and good exercise, but also a powerful tool for meditation. Swimmers cross a pool again and again, estranging themselves from the worries and hussle of daily life and committing their bodies to the unusual dynamics of water: near-weightlessness and strict repetition. With every lap a new state of mind is attained as the outer world fades away and memories and reflections flood in. 

Illustrator Evgenia Barinova knows this hallucinatory effect well: “Since I took up swimming last year, the pool has become my special place. While covering the distance, I can’t think about anything – I can only count the laps.” A twisted figure as depicted above is lost in the imaginary space of divergent lines, overlapping forms and distorted perspectives, yet this is an accurate depiction of an avid swimmer submerged in her own thoughts and memories.

These limited edition lino prints – handmade, neatly cropped, and packed in individual sleeves – are available for sale via