Rediscover Russian Rave

INRUSSIA’s new publication is dedicated to the St. Petersburg rave scene.

The cultural center of St. Petersburg has always been the place to look for new artistic tendencies, whether original or adopted. A unique combination of both emerged despite the severe cultural and political conditions of the USSR’s final years. Rave culture, already massive in Western Europe, was brought to St. Petersburg by a younger generation of artists and musicians who had experienced it abroad.

The subculture that spawned back then remains both noteworthy and influential. INRUSSIA’s second publishing project is dedicated to this very phenomenon – the city where it took place and people involved. The first half of the book is a collection of accounts by such figures as Timur Novikov, an artist and theorist often credited with predicting the rise of the rave in Russia, and the anthropologist and Soviet and Russian historian Alexei Yurchak, as well as other pioneering promoters, artists and DJs. The second half consists of archival photos taken at venues principal for the scene’s emergence.

The book was presented at designer Gosha Rubchinskiy's SS18 show, which featured a collection influenced by the early 1990s underground subculture. The show took place in St. Petersburg’s Palace of Culture for Communication Workers, a performance venue of some of Novikov’s parties. This publication continues our collaboration with the designer’s team that started with a Kaliningrad guidebook and a short film featuring young men who had responded to Gosha Rubchinskiy's open casting call for his January show in Russia’s exclave.

“Kaliningrad” will be available for Gosha Rubchinskiy clients at KM20 Moscow, Dover Street Market in London, NYC and Ginza, as well as CDG Trading Museum Paris starting July 15. The St. Petersburg zine will appear in stores next January alongside Gosha's SS18 collection. Meanwhile, we'll be dropping surprise copies at select bookstores. Stay tuned.