Reconstruction of Kizhi Pogost

Katya Shtokolova documents the unique cultural heritage site.

Every year I prefer to spend my birthday away from home. It happened so that this year I was unable to go somewhere far, so, having looked through several places relatively close by, I chose the Kizhi Pogost. Its architectural complex features unique wooden buildings, which fascinated me.

However, even more than Kizhi itself, I was attracted by the unusual process used in reconstructing the frail wooden structures. A special engineering system of lifting, which allows builders to repair or replace old wood, was developed for the task.

The Karelian island covers a large area, and different monuments of wooden architecture were moved there from other places to supplement the architectural complex. Among them are more modest churches, which are much older than the island’s native ones. Some of them date back to the beginning of the 14th century, while the Kizhi complex was erected some 400 years later.