Postcards of Moscow’s Constructivist Past

The “Moscow’s Constructivism” postcard collection is dedicated to Moscow architecture of the 1920s and 1930s.

Zuev Worker's Club, architect Ilya Golosov, 1928.

“Moscow Then” has created a set of postcards depicting iconic Constructivist buildings taken by photographer and traveller Branson DeCou on his visit to Russia in 1931.

One of the postcards features DeCou’s handpainted photograph of the Zuev Workers’ Club. Completed in 1928 by architect Ilya Golosov, the prominent Constructivist building housed a 850-seat auditorium for theater performances as well as various facilities for education and entertainment. The Zuev Workers’ Club functions to this day as a cultural center.

“Moscow Then” is an internet project created by Ilya Starkov’s studio and is dedicated to collecting and chronicling the everyday life of Moscow and its citizens up until the 1950s. The website collects newspaper clippings, archival documents, photographs, and memories from ordinary citizens. The site is currently being developed with the aim of linking the archive to specific dates, allowing visitors to enter any date and see what was happening in Moscow on that particular day.

The “Moscow’s Constructivism” set contains nine individual postcards and costs 450 rubles + shipping. Contact the website directly on

“Institute of Marxism-Leninism, architect Sergey Chernyshev, 1926-1927” (top left); “Hallways in new apartment buildings for workers” (top right); “Apartment buildings for workers” (bottom left); “Radio station in Gorky Park” (bottom right).