Poexxxali continue their improvised adventure into the fun side of absurd with the release of a new song and video “Koтik”.

 “Koтik came about by chance, really. We were hanging out one day, contemplating new stuff to work on and nothing came to mind until Ilya brought up this track he had worked on back in 2014. We toyed with the lyrics and improvised as we went along and it turned into an ongoing thing, which eventually led us to this song, about a cat that went missing. Ilya told us later that his cat actually did go missing while he was working on this track.  It’s like that with most of the things we do, they tend to occur without particular consideration, like fragments that catch our collective attention and leave us with a desire to elaborate.” 

What started as a fun side project and a little detour from the usual routine for video producer Valdis Bielykh and musician Poko Cox with the release of their first song a little over a year ago, has quickly taken a life of its own as more people got drawn into Poexxxali’s untamed energy and crazy DIY spirit.  

 “Our work often feels like a chaotic sequence of events and actions, which only begin to make sense as we move along. Thе first song we did was initially planned as a soundtrack for a video on a project that didn’t happen. We had this idea for a festival of DIY music videos called The Screen. We wanted to give all those people who make home music videos an opportunity to just go wild and express themselves within this platform. But as we moved along, the song became an independent track. We still haven’t made a video for it, but we made other songs and videos and eventually it became evident that we can realize all those ideas we had for a festival within Poexxxali, using it as a platform and ourselves as an example that things like that are possible. 

We are still excited about the festival idea, it feels right for this moment, and perhaps we will come back to it at some point, by taking the long way.”

Indulging in a collaborative spirit of their work and without giving it too much thought Poexxxali has soon turned from a two-man operation into a multidisciplinary project with a network of cultural producers, who are in on the idea of celebrating the absurd, spooky, crazy spirit of the moment, which leaves everyone with a room for interpretation. It’s a chance to get lost in a story and become a part of a common subconscious. 

 “In Poexxxali there is not a certain style we follow, but rather an atmosphere we try to create through a constant mix of different genres. It’s a mirror principle, we create abstractions that reflect the feelings and perceptions of a person, he looks at what we do and puts his own meanings into our work. 

We are always thinking of new collabs, and there is definitely a large group that became a part of various stages of our process, from filming our videos to being a part of our performances during the concerts. It’s an opportunity to grow together.”

Poexxxali’s concerts are nothing you would expect from one. A freely scripted and practically unrehearsed performance that unfolds on stage is like a utopian fantasy that was set free and went wild, where putting on a vampire mask is an act of liberation. An opportunity to go beyond yourself and move forward without analyzing the direction too much, by letting the process lead.