Pacing by Junes

The Great Fruit direct the second music video off the “Of No Memory” EP.

Wicked Bass Records has released the second music video from the three-track EP by British producer Junes, “Of No Memory.” The track “Pacing” was set to visuals by Moscow-based duo Valdis Bielykh and Roman Ruktansky, who go by the name The Great Fruit and refer to themselves as “video pirates.” They directed a music video with a definite VHS aesthetic and proclivity for racing cars.

House producer Neil McDermott – also known as Junes – hails from Newcastle, England, but has lived and worked in Berlin for many years. He and his brother Tames spearhead the vinyl label Galdoors, which has made a name for itself in house and techno. This is his fourth record and the first he has released on another imprint: Wicked Bass Records, a well-known Ukrainian imprint and Kiev party of the same name, which was created by Nazar Prokopiv.