“OST Conditions” by Katia Yonder

Relationship soundtrack from an Ekaterinburg producer.

Katia Yonder’s “OST Conditions” is a dreamy soundtrack of a relationship, presented in the form of an 11-track personal diary. It was released on the small St. Petersburg label Floe Tapes. Katia is an Ekaterinburg producer and sound designer who has previously played in bands, but she is now exploring her personal voice and trying to expand her musical practice by collaborating with Baku artists on video mapping projects. She longs to write a film soundtrack. 

“The release is a collection of emotions and states from summer to summer, which are associated with one special person,” Katya says. Tracks like Memories, Regrets, and Silent Passion are hypnotic, attempting to capture hard feelings and self-reflection in cinematic, melodic, and intimate storytelling.