Opening of Utopian Realities

Festival inspired by the works and writings of Russian revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai to be held in Berlin.

The festival “Utopian Realities – 100 years of Now with Alexandra Kollontai” opens tomorrow in the Kreuzberg-based theater and performance center Hebbel am Ufer. The event aims to explore the unique conditions that existed in the USSR for a few years following the 1917 Russian Revolutions. Artists, choreographers, directors, and performers from all over the world will present their takes on this short historical period, characterized by limitless social and artistic experimentation, and investigate the transformative potential it still holds for the present.

Moscow-based media artist Dmitry Morozov, also known by his alias ::vtol::, will be presenting seven of his robotic objects and sound installations, both interactive and autonomous, which were created to conjure up illusions of utopian realities. His 2016 work “Turbulence” is a flock of eight bird automatons, conceived as “mysterious alternative forms of extraterrestrial life,” according to the artist. While the birds share the same mechanical structure and mode of communication, each has a unique voice and flying style. This will be his first solo show in Berlin.

The festival will open with “Eternal Russia,” developed by Russian curator and critic Marina Davydova in collaboration with the stage designer and artist Vera Martynov and the composer Vladimir Rannev. The piece presents the phase of political, artistic, and sexual awakening that existed during the early years of Soviet socialism, and attempts to explain its further transformation into totalitarian dictatorship.

Utopian Realities – 100 Years of Now with Alexandra Kollontai, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin. Jan. 12-22.