Nochnoy Prospect and the Atom

Archival video of a Soviet bloc party featuring the cult Moscow industrial band.

Nochnoy Prospekt (Night Avenue) is one the most prominent experimental bands to emerge from the Moscow underground. Formed in 1985 by Alexei Boris and Ivan Sokolovsky, the band was influenced by new wave, art rock and industrial, later adopting a more radical improvisational sound. After a period of experimentation with noise and psychedelic music in the 1990s, during which time the band stopped all public activity, Nochnoy Prospect reformed with its original members. The band remains active despite Ivan Sokolovsky’s death in 1995, and has recently released the album Polyurethane

Initially, Nochnoy Prospect’s darker sound was somewhat unexpected for the classic rock-oriented audience, yet the band developed a cult following among forward-thinking Soviet youngsters. Over the years, the band has released over a dozen of albums, achieved recognition abroad, collaborated with Japanese noise musicians, and opened for Sonic Youth in Moscow.

Nochnoy Prospect also participated in an unusual concert dedicated to the opening of a new Moscow residential complex in the late 1980s. When the USSR faced a severe housing shortage, the idea of creating autonomous residential developments for the youth gained popularity. The Atom housing association was one such development, and its opening became a festival for incoming tenants.