Nissan Groove Presents Oblast

Drifting sounds from Samara’s producer community.

Photo by Nastya Shvec

Alexei Kavasin, known as Nissan Groove, forms the core of Oblast – an obscure community from Samara, which grew from a group of friends united by their passion for music. “We have been friends for more than five years but Oblast appeared later,” says Alexei. “First our mate Caapi uploaded a track with the hashtag Oblast. Then we did a party with the same name in 2014, followed by the first release by Spurv with Sangam “Bridges” in 2015, which was the start of the whole thing.” The producer has been making music with a vibe which he describes as software. Nissan Groove’s latest release with Caapi on the London label Purely Physical arrived just last week.

This mix is a dark, ambient passage into drone-driven ocean depth delivered by local producers. Hissing techno pads, cold dystopian rhythms and grainy-textured layers intermingle with krautrock riffs bringing into the realms of bedroom producers escapism. “I didn’t have a specific idea for the mix. I just asked my friends to send me their latest works and sketches. So in some way this mix reflects today's atmosphere in our community. If it had been recorded sooner or later, it would have a completely different vibe I suppose. Delivering the atmosphere more than music itself is our way,” says Alexei.