New York's MoMA Presents the Russian Avant-Garde

Groundbreaking painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, book and graphic design, film and photography are showcased in “A Revolutionary Impulse” at MoMA.

“Pioneer with a trumpet” (1930) by Alexandr Rodchenko. Photo via the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Featuring work from 1912 to 1935, “A Revolutionary Impulse” includes a variety of artistic mediums, from painting to graphic design – the project traces the arc of the pioneering avant-garde. Organized in advance of the centennial year of the 1917 Russian Revolution, the exhibition highlights avant-garde poetry, theater, photography, and film, by such figures as Alexandra Exter, Natalia Goncharova, El Lissitzky, Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lyubov Popova, Alexandr Rodchenko, Olga Rozanova, Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg, and Dziga Vertov, among others, according to the MoMA website.

A Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. From Dec. 3 till March 12, 2017.