New Publication Arms Migrant Women With Information

Newspaper for Central Asian migrant women launches in St. Petersburg.

Illustration by Apollinaria Zavodskaya

Released in St. Petersburg in mid-December, the first issue of the Gul newspaper provides migrants with useful contacts, addresses, and help on social and legal matters. Gul – which translates as "flower" from Central Asian languages – is searching for a larger audience and reader feedback from female migrants and members of their families. For now, it is more of an informative leaflet, featuring information in Russian, Uzbek, Tajik and Kyrgyz and distributed for free on the city streets.

The newspaper, whose staff consists of young women from Russia and Central Asia, seeks authorship among its readers and plans to develop the leaflet further. By spreading trustworthy, first-hand information, the publication aims to protect female migrants from the discrimination coming from both traditional communities and the nationally-biased Russian authorities and employers.

The first issue is available online