New Klammklang Compilation Is Out

“Our Golden Age Is Now” by the Siberian label goes live.

On the threshold of the New Year Siberian label Klammklang releases its first compilation with 12 tracks from Russian, Ukranian, German and Kazakhastani artists. The concept behind the release was inspired by the quote from «Those Burdened By Evil» novel by the Soviet masters of science-fiction, Strugatsky brothers: «Did it ever occur to you, Prince, that now we are living at the turning point of history? Have you ever had this feeling? The turning point feels terribly uncomfortable: there's a drought here, a smell, anxiety, fear, insecurity, but on the other hand — how fortunate are those who visited the world in its fateful minutes...»

The compilation unfolds with an enigmatic and contemplative track by Galia Chikiss taken from her upcoming album and culminates with an alarming theme from Roma Zuckerman. It keeps subtle balance between intricate circuit of cold, bouncy modulations by KP Transmission, Appleyard, Averrge, Margenrot, HMOT and deep organic textures by Bugaev, Foresteppe with Bisamråtta and Maria Teriaeva.  

The world is a hectic place nowadays. But Stas Sharifullin, the mastermind behind the Klammklang label, is straightforward: “Music doesn't care about your place of birth and skin colour, gender and sexual orientation, age and social class. Most likely it won't change the world, but at least it can make it a better place – there's nothing magical and esoteric about that fact.” You can also read our interview with Stas on Siberian music scene here.