Murals on an Industrial Scale

“Vyksa 10000” invites artists to the world's largest international mural competition.

The contest will be held in the industrial town of Vyksa and welcomes design proposals from artists with experience in large-scale graffiti and street art. “Vyksa is already quite renowned for its collection of street art works, but this ambitious project is a breakthrough for Russian urban art,” says Sabina Chagina, the curator of the contest. The mural is to cover 10,000 square meters of the Vyksa Steel Works – one of the oldest Russian metallurgy centers.

Founded in 1757, the Vyksa Steel Works features unique industrial architecture and technical design, such as a still functional hyperboloid and thin shell structures by Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov. Once again the plant has offered its facade for something exceptional – representatives from the Guinness World Records have already expressed an interest in the project and will consider including the winner in their record books.

The mural will be presented on June 16-18 at Art Ovrag – a festival dedicated to transforming urban space, turning Vyksa into a vast creative workshop.

The application submission deadline is January 31, and the winner will be announced on February 28. Competition organizers consider the following themes relevant: progress, both intellectual and technological, youth, knowledge, and the birth of new meanings.

The application form, award information, and other details are available in English on the official website.

All photos courtesy of the art-residence project.