Moscow Burns Red for Crypto-Migrants by HMOT

In anticipation of the first Klammklang label showcase in Moscow Stas Sharifullin presents a rewarding compilation of music from post-Soviet countries.

Stas Sharifullin, or HMOT, is a multidisciplinary artist responsible for the Krasnoyarsk-based record label Klammklang. In anticipation of the first Klammklang showcase in Moscow – that will take place on February 3 at NII – Stas gifted us an eclectic compilation that serves both as an introduction to the label and a meditation on the geo-cultural condition of today’s Russia. “In the current system the capitals absorb all the best talents from the remaining regions, and this forces people to move around,” he explains. “There are positive aspects to this as well — the borders are getting blurred, creating a multicultural chaos of sorts. Its extremes can be observed in megalopolises like Moscow.”

All the musicians taking part in the upcoming showcase are featured in the mix, as well as unreleased tracks by Klammklang-related producers and friends of the label from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The compilation begins with HMOT’s own raw synthesized track and moves into the territory of free paced rhythmic patterns and industrial beats. Gradually the mix takes on a melodious character, as its rhythms vaporize into organic textures and harmonic string-like tones. Gritty experimentation gives way to mellow ambience only to reappear in the middle of the mix with more sinister soundscapes. The compilation covers a lot of ground both stylistically and geographically, and poses a challenging, yet rewarding listen. Some of the featured tracks will be released on the Klammklang label later this year.

Aside from working on the label, HMOT continues to produce music of his own – his upcoming EP “Permanent Imbalance” will be released on the Berlin-based oqko label on March 30. In the meantime, oqko presents a collaborative installation between HMOT and the Ukrainian artist MASSA also titled “Permanent Imbalance” at the Berlin’s Modular+ Space. The installation is a part of Vorspiel Transmediale and can be as a considered a teaser for the upcoming release.