Mix by Kito Jempere

Versatile compilation demonstrates the producer, DJ, and band's musical range.

Kito Jempere – real name Kirill Sergeev – is a St. Petersburg-based producer and DJ who has been on the music scene for over 20 years. Sergeev had previously been part of the group Uniquetunes and the St. Petersburg Disco Spin Club. His solo project Kito Jempere appeared in 2013. Kito’s music is all about translating his feelings and experiences into touching melodies and rhythms. After three years of hard work fusing live recordings and electronic beats, his latest release “Sea Monster” is coming out April 14 on the Italian label Hell Yeah Recordings. He is now responsible for bringing amazing artists to Kuznya, the newly-opened club on New Holland Island.

Sergeev’s mix is a refreshing one-hour compilation of the music he makes with the Kito Jempere Band, with vibes that can be described as “melodramatic pop songs,” according to the producer. “I have had this idea for a long time now to do a mix with tracks produced by my collective the Kito Jempere Band. I have been longing to show an audience, and also to analyze myself, how far we have grown and broadened the team.” Demonstrating the versatility of the band, the recording drifts smoothly through styles and genres: from soulful lullabies, through pumping house, to emotional rock ballads.

Kito Jempere Band will perform at the Jameson IrishHood party on March 18 at B.E.R.E.G. District.