Memento Metro: Photographing Life Underground

Photographer Alexey Domrachev transforms his metro commute into a living exhibition.

For the past five years, Alexey Domrachev has been surreptitiously photographing Moscow commuters on his way to and from work. All of the black-and-white photographs, taken with his phone camera, can be viewed via the Instagram account @tirrey. Recently, using a GoPro action camera, he documented the installation of his favorite photographs in the video project, “Memento Metro: The Illegal Exhibition in the Moscow Metro.”

“Metro passengers demonstrate habitual behavior: one snoozes on his way to work, one wears headphones while leaning against a carriage door, and the most typical passenger is on their phone. Those who go down into the subway seem more vulnerable and tense – this enchants me,” says photographer Alexey.

A selection of printed photographs and video material can now be viewed at the Wordshop Gallery at the Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. The exhibition is dedicated to crowdfunding a book of the “memento metro” project.

Memento Metro. Wordshop Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow. Till Feb. 15.