Meditative Vibes in a New Mix from Flakes

Low-key producer compiles a mix of new-age melodies.

Ekaterinburg-based producer Flakes has flown under the radar for most of his career – he takes the term “bedroom producer” to a whole other level. For the most part he keeps his music to himself: “Sometimes I write some tracks, they are all very different, spanning from ambient to jungle to hip-hop beats, or just some loose structures. I don’t show it to anyone, so there’s no place you can listen to it yet, but it will all be released someday.” While Flakes is collecting vigor, he compiled a mix full of new-age melodies, muffled beats and spaced-out grooves that give listeners a meditative feeling. Inspired by the city suburbs, Flakes always carries his dictaphone and records amusing sounds from his surroundings, which he then floats throughout the entire mix.