Itkul Afterglow by Rad Maсhine

The Yekaterinburg producer delivers machine-driven romance.

Yekaterinburg-based producer Rad Machine delivers a four-track EP on the Fuselab label. It was inspired by Lake Itkul, situated in Chelyabinsk oblast, where he travels every year with friends. “Itkul Glow is a collection of musical interpretations of feelings and emotions from the past year,” says Valeriy Melekhin. The EP is out digitally and on 12-inch records, with a cassette bonus featuring four unreleased tracks. Overloaded raw beats mesh with heart-lifting synths and wandering choral pads, taking you on a journey to the romantic, machine-driven neverland of the Urals.

Fuselab grew from an ambient-focused imprint, known as Passage, and the Russian podcast series Jumble, which dealt with a variety of styles. The Krasnodar-based label has proven to be one of the Russian-grown beat labels to consistently reach Western audiences. “Nowadays it’s a platform for soulful and intellectual dance music with an easily recognizable sound. We’re just three people running the label. While we are virtual, the music is real,” says co-founder Evgeny Shchukin.