Hypnotic Mix by KP Transmission

Musician Karina Kazaryan shares her dark musical influences.

Karina Kazaryan, who writes music under the moniker KP Transmission, was born in Georgia and spent her adulthood in the darkest suburbs of Omsk in Siberia, a place that has influenced her sound and shaped her taste. Karina describes her music as being lo-fi industrial, dark ambient and noisy. She started making music in 2007 by writing “primitive songs” in which she sang and played bass guitar. It was only when Karina and her sister Lucy moved to Moscow that they decided to take music more seriously and started a band with drummer Diana Burkot. Their band Fanny Kaplan plays a blend of post-punk and noise rock. 

Her solo project KP Transmission only came to light in 2014 after Karina posted a track online and fellow producers started inviting her to perform live. Karina has since been developing these two projects: playing bass in the band provides her performance experience while KP Transmission allows her to communicate moods via electronic music. She has even contributed her post-industrial sound to film soundtracks such as Masha Kharitonova's Teletourgia, a dark and dynamic piece of video art. 

Inspired by artists from the Middle Ages, the early Renaissance, and Symbolists such as Eugène Carrière, Odilon Redon and their successors, Karina has recorded a dazzlingly dark mix of tangled cold textures, somber sounds and tribal rhythms full of anxiety and anticipation that crawl into one’s soul and drive listeners into meditative states. “In this mix I compiled lo-fi, minimal synth, industrial and avant-garde tracks from the 1980s and included such projects as DZ Electric, Vox Populi!, E.g Oblique Graph, BC Gilbert G Lewis, Tom Ellard. All these genres influenced my taste in music as well as my sound,” says Karina.