Hip-Hop Flavors From Nocow

Alexei Nikitin shares his eclectic favorites.

Behind Nocow stands Alexei Nikitin, whose record was the starting off point for the label GOST Zvuk. Now, after three years of prolific label releases, his double LP “Ledyanoy Album,”  dedicated to the Russian winter, is ready. Alexey began as a part of hip-hop band in which he rapped and made some beats, later joining the Wax Paper Club, together with Flaty and Fama Eightyseven. Only then did Nocow emerge. Living in St. Petersburg influenced him a lot. When listening to his music, one can feel a trace of dreamy sadness which “makes you wonder and understand oneself more clearly,” says Alexei. The changeable climate of his hometown, where 90 percent of the days are overcast, is reflected in the tracks and determines their mesmerizing melancholic style.

The one-hour mix is an eclectic blend of Alexei’s favorite hip-hop flavors, detuned Memphis rap, pumping house gems, and slick warm rhythms from his friends Untitled Gear and Fama Eightyseven. “The mix is a story of my creative process. I always try to listen and respect my inner voice. I have no idea what kind of music I will be making tomorrow or in a week. Sometimes I set myself a direction, but most of the time music just comes to me and I follow that flow. So the mix mirrors my diverse taste in music,” says Alexei. The compilation is as sincere, versatile and wonderfully engaging as Nocow’s music – perfect for sitting back, relaxing and listening.

Look out for Nocow’s upcoming double LP on GOST Zvuk which will be issued on April 7.