Grey To Blue Mix by Art Crime

Moscow-based producer exploring beatless meditative sound fields.

Photo by Masha Demianova

Art Crime is one of the more enigmatic figures in the Moscow music scene. Originally from Khabarovsk, Arthur moved to Moscow and recorded four solid releases on prominent record labels like W.T. Records, Crème Organization, Phonica Records and Pinkman. Piercing, emotional and energetic, the releases became distinguishable dance floor heaters.

The featured mix presents a new turn in his musical studies. Art Crime takes listeners on a deep textural journey – exploring beatless structures and compositions that create a luring story to follow and listen to over and over again.

“Lately I got really tired of club music like techno, house, minimal-wave etc. I still enjoy listening to it in clubs but it doesn’t inspire me anymore as before. Now at home I usually listen to calm and meditative sounds like works of Terry Riley, for example. That kind of music inspired me to do this mix,” Arthur says about this latest contribution.

The vaporous atmosphere of the mix makes the recording feel alive and breathing. The grainy unpolished textures, whispering voices, piano modulations, guitar buzzes and polyrhythmic detours gracefully merge the organic and synthetic and offer a healing pill of diverse and mesmerising sound waves. The mix is infused with tracks by Arthur’s recent findings including Felicia Atkinson, Dedekind Cut and his favourite artists Terre Thaemlitz, James Ferraro, Muslimgauze, Demdike Stare and Charles Cohen.

The mix can be seen as a personal ode to music. Dark and emotional on the one hand, calming and healing on the other, it pulls the listener into the sensuous corners of a soul. “For me music is a feeling that makes you experience and come up with certain associations and pictures. It is a very subjective process and depends on the person. I don’t like idleness and emotionless in music, so, for lack of a better word, I value honesty in it.” 

At the moment Art Crime has a debut ambient album ready for release but is still looking for an appropriate label to do it through. Also keep a look out for a vinyl with naive house tracks to drop at the beginning of next year.