Graphics in a Post-Digital Age

One-day exhibition of Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva’s post-apocalyptic prints.

On every third Sunday of the month, the community outreach program “Output in MMOMA” allows visitors free admission to museum exhibitions and provides a platform for cultural events. This month you can catch the current exhibition “Naïve… No” and two special events: the presentation of the “Dialogue of Arts” magazine at the museum bookshop, and the “State of Print” festival of digital printmaking.

As part of the “State of Print” festival, work by the artist and illustrator Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva will be on view in the conservatory of “Mart,” the museum’s café, from noon until 8 p.m. on March 19. Published both in Russia and abroad, her work has been influential for young illustrators. She combines the aesthetics of Soviet textbooks with artifacts of Russia’s socialist past to create surreal images of familiar objects.

This small exhibition at MMOMA focuses on two themes: post-apocalyptic Soviet spaces with disjointed survivor figures and imaginary heroines in natural surroundings. The image above falls into the second category. A distorted female figure, whose midsection has been removed, is duplicated and placed within various environs: living room, river valley, forest, and atop a tiger. According to the artist, her heroines are united by a desire to leave their villages and enter the wilderness – leaving behind society’s patriarchal framework. Born in Ufa, Krasnova-Shabaeva currently lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The “State of Print” project aims to research and promote printmaking in the digital era throughout Russia. By uniting different formats – markets, exhibitions, educational programs, workshops – “State of Print” reaches new audiences and broadens the perception of printmaking.

Output in MMOMA: State of Print. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Petrovka 25. March 19.